Recording link for Webinar Session on Ayushman Bharat

CMAI conducts Monthly Webinar Series on Health Sector related topics. This is the recording link for the seminar  which has recently been conducted.


Date and Time: November 21, 2018 (Wednesday) | 2.30-3.30 PM


Topic: AYUSHMAN BHARAT: Sharing Experience and Answering Questions



Ms Anuvinda Varkey,

Executive Director, Christian Coalition for Health

Dr Vijaykumar,

Medical Superintendent, Champa Christian Hospital

Dr Aubin.

Deputy Medical Superintendent, Champa Christian Hospital

Topics Covered and benefits:

Ayushman Bharat scheme is going to be mandatory, replacing the erstwhile RSBY scheme. The Webinar will discuss how important for all our member hospitals to be enrolled in this scheme and the benefts for the patients. However, it is going through the struggles of handling various illnesses that put both the doctors and the government in a quandary. The discussion will help our hospital administrators and doctors to proactively move with the scheme.

This presentation will be beneficial :

  1. If you watch it as a team of  Decision makers,  Doctors, Nurses, Administrators, Chaplains and Allied Health Professionals.
  2. For Healthcare individuals and institutions who are dealing with patients who have chronic or terminal illness.
  3. For Healthcare individuals and institutions engaged in Community Based Outreach or Home Based Care.


You can view the recorded session after downloading the app “Adobe Connect” available for iOS and Android.

You may enter the virtual classroom by clicking the link mentioned below.


Please mail us on for more details.


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