Webinar on Risk Management : 30th Jan 2019

CMAI conducts Monthly Webinar Series on Health Sector related topics. This is the announcement of the next webinar to be held in the month of January 2019

Date and Time: January 30th, 2019 (Wednesday) | 2.30-3.30 PM

Topic: RISK MANAGEMENT” : step towards anticipating and avoiding risks in management


Dr. (CA) Sanjay Patra

FCA, Ph.D* Executive Director,

Financial Management Service Foundation, New Delhi

Topics Covered and benefits:

Are we as an organization at risk? What are the kinds of risks we face? Are we prepared to mitigate the risks…is this one of your challenges?

Is it seen or unforeseen; positive or negative? Well, risk is always an unforeseen event. If negative, it is construed as a threat and if positive, it’s an opportunity. Example of an opportunity is to have state of art equipment; the opposed threat would be employees who are ill-equipped / unskilled to use the equipment proficiently. Do we respond to threats and opportunities alike? No! Threats are to be mitigated and opportunities capitalized in a manner that the objectives of the organization are achieved.

URL: https://cmai.adobeconnect.com/risk-management/

You can join this live session with the mobile app “Adobe Connect” available for iOS and Android.

You may enter the virtual classroom by clicking the link mentioned above.

Infrastructure required to participate: This will be a live webcast and very easy to access if you have internet connectivity. If there are more than 4-6 persons as participants in a room, an LCD projector will be helpful. For sound clarity, you must use external speakers or headphones. After checking speakers and connectivity, follow these steps about 30 minutes before the program starts.

Steps to login:
Step 1:
 Type in https://cmai.adobeconnect.com/risk-management in the navigation bar and the adobe connect site will open showing the page in which there will be a space “Enter as Guest”

Step 2: Select ‘Enter as Guest’. If you are in an institution site, log-in with your  name , location and no. of participants. For example, If you are from BBH Bangalore, type in ‘BBH Bangalore 20’ and then press enter. You can also login individually using your name e.g. Paul, Bangalore

Step 3: The site will open; you will see the screen, the first slide of the PPT Presentation. You will also see a chat box, where you can type in your comments, questions or answers when the presenter seeks an answer.

We request you to attend this online seminar.

Write to cmai@cmai.org or go2cmai@cmai.org for more information.

For Technical assistance please call: 08527596995 (Mr.Rakesh)


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