Regional Facilitators Activity Reports

Visit to Member & Non-Member Institution, Churches & NGOs, 1st to 28th February 2019

 Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

  • Participated and shared about Healing ministry and CMAI in CSI town church, Jammalmadugu, Kadapa Dist on 10th Feb, Healing Sunday. The offertory of the healing Sunday is Rs.25, 930/- and the same was sent to CMAI.
  • Participated and shared about healing ministry and CMAI on 17th Feb, Healing Sunday in GFI Church, Chittoor Dist.
  • Visited local churches in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and in other areas of Telangana Dist towards promoting about healing ministry.
  • Coordinated, Helped and participated in Students Nursing Nurture workshop on 1 & 2 Feb in Bangalore. 18 students and tutors have participated in the workshop from AP & Telagana Region.
  • Visited Individual Healthcare Professionals in AP and Telangana. 17 nursing students, 1 Doctor and 1 Chaplain have become a member of CMAI.
  • Healing Sunday service celebrated in CSI English Church, Lalapet, Secunderabad on 24th Feb.
  • Healing Ministry observed at Arogayavaram Medical Centre, Madanapalle from 10th -16th Dr. Bimal Charles has shared about healing ministry on 13th Feb, a day of CMAI prayer.
  • Healing Ministry observed and celebrated in Mary Lyotes Hospital, Madanapalle, Chittoor Dist. Local churches has donated Rs. 11,000/- to the hospital.
  • CSI Campbell hospital organized healing Sunday service at CSI church on 10th February’19
  • Healing service celebrated on 16th Feb at Gifford Memorial Hospital, Nuzvid, AP
  • Healing Sunday observed by Nandyal Diocese and St. Werburgh hospital on 10th Rev. Rt. Pushpalalitha shared the healing ministry message.
  • Healing ministry week was celebrated in Canadian Bethel Church on 16th February’19
  • Most of the MI conducted free medical camps and special prayers for the sick and they provided food and snacks to the patients on account of Healing Ministry.
  • Baer Christian Hospital, Chirala has Dedicated Revitalized Hospital building by Rev. Dr. K.F. Pradesh Babu, Bishop of ALEC on 25th

 Follow-ups done of the last month Visit.

  • Contacted and email sent to all MI about the renewal of membership with CMAI for the current year. Emmanuel Hospital & CSI Campbell hospital has renewed the membership with CMAI.
  • Contacted many of the healthcare professionals personally and reminded about Individual Membership. Needed to follow up.
  • Contacted and sent emails to MIs and other hospitals/ colleges for Health care Management/ Nursing students Nurture Workshop.
  •  Contacted and emails sent to all our MIs and Individual Members about students Nursing Workshop/ Healing Ministry
  • Visited and Contacted individual healthcare professionals for membership.

 ED workshops follow up – Yadagirigutta

  • Home visits done.
  • Cottage prayer meeting conducted in 18 of the person’s house.
  • Counseling was given to many of them
  • 12 peoples were attended church at Yadagirigutta.

 ED workshops follow up – Chittoor Dist

  • Participants and the GFI church were in full swing in ED work.
  • Follow up Meeting done by Ps. Theo
  • 22 members were identified
  • Counseling was done
  • Cottage prayer meetings were done
  • Clothes and other gifts were provided for 15 members by GFC church
  • They visited sick people in the hospitals and distributed fruits to them and prayed for them on account of healing ministry.
  • They visited Homes for children on account of healing ministry.
  • Provided help to needy peoples like rice, dhal, Clothes, etc.

 Local Visits in Hyderabad/ Secunderabad

Visits to Churches in AP / TS

  • Interested in Healing Ministry
  • Individual Membership
  • HMW materials were distributed.

Meeting with Individual Health care professionals

  • Individual membership. Forms were distributed. Follow up need to be done.
  • 17 students, 1 doctor and 1 chaplain become a member of CMAI

Kerala Region

  • Visited MI Thiruvalla Medical Mission, St. Thomas Mission Hospital, Kattanam, Believers Medical College Thiruvalla, Kottiyam Holy cross Hospital.
  • Personal Meeting with Dr. Ashu Sara Thomas (Vice Principal, Believers Church Medical College Thiruvalla) and Rev. K E Geevarghese (Vicar, Kuttappuzha Jerusalem Marthoma Church)
  • Assisted Mr Lyric Abraham on RPL examination at Kottiyam Holy Cross Hospital.
  • Healing Ministry Week: Visited CSI church Amboori, Parathi. Work with Marthoma & CSI Churches.
  • Southern Region Nursing Students Nurture Workshop.
  • Half Day workshop on Clinical Establishment Act and its implications.

 Karnataka Region 

  • The Nursing Students Nurture Workshop was conducted successfully and we had students from 3 states from 13 institutions and 65 participants.
  • There was an enormous and overwhelming response from the students and have requested to have similar program in each state.
  • Reflection of the program was so high that two nursing institutions in Bangalore have come forward to have the similar program in their colleges and they have agreed to partially bear the expenses for the workshop.
  • Engage Disability training was conducted for one day at Sankeshwar Mission hospital for its staff and neighboring church elders and members. There were 45+ participants for the training.
  • To promote CMAI and its activities the Vice President of CMAI Mrs. Onenlemla Imsong, Chaplain Secretary of Bangalore Baptist Hospital gave an opportunity to share about CMAI and its activities and the Word of God in their Chapel on 8th & 9th of February 2019.
  • The student, staff and patient attendants were blessed by the word and the work of CMAI.
  • In the history of Church of South India (CSI)- Karnataka Central Diocese (KCD), the Healing Ministry Sunday materials were uploaded in their official website.
  • The Bishop Rt. Rev. P K Samuel has urged all the CSI- KCD Churches 130+ to conduct Healing Ministry Sunday in their churches.
  • CSI KCD Churches Shafer memorial Church, St. Peter’s Telugu Church, Crista Prabhaalaya, CSI Telugu Yeshwanthpur, Shafer Memorial ISRO Layout Church and many more churches conducted Healing Ministry Week.
  • CSI KCD Telugu Yeshwanthpur church has given an offering of Rs.6500/- as a donation towards CMAI.
  • CSI – Karnataka Northern Diocese also conducted headlining Ministry Week, especially 200+ years old Hebich Memorial Church also was part of the Healing Ministry week. Mrs. Shilpa Berry, Director of Operations from Equip India was sent to share God’s word.
  • As part of networking Sankeshwar Mission hospital(SMH) was looking for general Physician and medical equipment, to help this the MS of Sankeshwar Mission Hospital was taken to CSI Basel Mission, Gadag and the MS of SMH was along with MS of Gadag Dr. Solomon Chelliah had an elaborate discussion and had the visit to hospital.
  • As part of discussion, Dr. Solomon Chelliah had agreed to give medical equipment which is not in use as part of their upgradation, free of charge to SMH and also has given assurance once he finishes his term at CSIBM he would consider working with SMH.
  • Anil was happy by the visit and there was a lot of information gathered for further use in their hospital.
  • Solomon Chelliah has requested to have Engage Disability Training for their staff and students in the next month where the expenses for the workshop would be fully borne by CSIBM.
  • As part of International Women’s day celebration, there was a discussion held with the principal of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College to have a seminar for students on the health issue.

 Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 

Institutional Visits

The institutional form has been filled regarding the visits but this series of visits was particularly insightful in the case of two hospitals:

  • Christian Hospital, Mungeli
  • Luke’s Hospital, Takhatpur
  • Ashram Hospital, Sihora, Madhya Pradesh
  • Mid India Christian Services, Damoh
  • Follow up visit – Rajnandgaon
  • Healing Ministry Week activities
  • Initiated CMAI institutional membership with new hospital (Sukhnandan Hospital)

Maharashtra & Gujarat & Goa

  • Visited Biennial three places at Gujarat
  • Visited DDMM Hospital venue visit Nadiad
  • Visited Metas Adventist Hospital – Surat
  • Follow up done with directors for the Healing Ministry Report,
  • Institutional Hospital Report
  • RPL Importance awareness
  • Hospital Diploma Distance course
  • Emergency Medical Training course

Odisha & West Bengal

  • Distributed the Healing Ministry booklets, brochures to CNI Churches and other Churches.
  • Visited CHB & Christian Hospital Nabrangpur to celebrate Healing Ministry Service. Promoted CMAI in the service.
  • Prepared Healing Ministry Week Report and updated the Member Institutions in my region.
  • Telephonic Conversation with all the CEOs for filling up the questionnaire of TB for preparing the proposal.
  • Meeting with Suraj Khura regarding the AHP retreat to be conducted soon.
  • Meeting with the District Coordinator of Akshara Foundation. Promoted CMAI and encouraged him to be an individual member.
  • Visited YMCA Cuttack and had a discussion regarding renewing the membership and requested them to pay the pending amount.

Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

Institution visit:

  1. The Leprosy Mission, Vadathorasalur, Villupuram, Tamilnadu
  • They are interested in AHP courses. The course particulars have sent through the mail. Will follow up with a phone call.
  • They need to bring nursing college students in their hospital for the practicing purpose. Will finding nearby nursing colleges.
  1. Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet, Vellore, Tamilnadu
  • They expressed interest in a training program for students in the month of April’19. Will follow up with CHD team.
  • They have daily devotion time, CMAI prayer calendar sent through mail.
  1. Danish Mission Hospital, Thirukoilure, Villupuram, Tamilnadu
  • This hospital is about to close due to lack of the latest equipment. Also, there are no committed doctors.
  1. Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu
  • Visited Chaplains department.
  • The CMAI Prayer Calendar has shared to the chaplains’ department.
  • Approached Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church 13th Bishop Rt. Rev. Daniel Jayaraj, shared about CMAI & HMW. He was interested with CMAI activities, accept to circulate to all the 136 pastorates under TELC church.
  • Approached the President of Christ Lutheran Church Rt. Rev. Stanley Jose, who is our member, accepted to circulate to the 54 churches.
  • Following up with member institutions regarding Tuberculosis program. So far, 7 institutions are interested and have done the primary level survey.

Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand

  • Informal meeting with Mr. Himanshu (Pharmacist).
  • Official meeting with Rev. Fr. Demasis (Director of Meerut Seva Samaj & Health In-Charge of Roman Catholic Diocese of Meerut).
  • Informal meeting with Bishop Arun Michael Lall, from Assembly of Believers Church, Allahabad.
  • Sharing about CMAI and celebrated “Healing Ministry Week” in Bana Devi Methodist, Aligarh.
  • Worked on an appointment with Honorable Bishop of CNI Agra.
  • Meeting with Bishop Habil, Bishop of CNI Agra.
  • Sharing about CMAI and celebrated “Healing Ministry Week” in St. Thomas Church (CNI), Meerut.
  • MI visit in Christian Hospital, Azamgrah.
  • MI visit in Sundaram Chikitsalaya.

North East Region

  • Visits to Evangelical churches Association office meet Executive Director, Rev.LB Angam Lhungdim.
  • Promotion of CMAI HEALING MINISTRY week.
  • Observed Healing ministry week in Satribari campus church & JCMC campus church, also conduct special prayers for the Pulwama martyred.
  • Visits to Jorhat Christian Medical Centre Jorhat.
  • Meet all the officials/ staff of all section personally.
  • Meet with medical superintendent Dr. Senorita N Sangma Singh.
  • Sharing about CMAI upcoming events, individual membership & healing ministry.
  • Visit to Eastern Theological College. Jorhat.
  • Meet ETC principal, vice-principal and staffs.
  • Attended morning devotion service & Share about CMAI among the students in ETC.
  • Visit to Jorhat medical college, meeting up with Evangelical Union students and professors; Visit few churches eg. Jorhat Baptist church, Berbheta Baptist church, Eastern theological college etc.

North West & Jammu & Kashmir

M.I Visit – Could meet the Director and talk on how the hospital is running and the difficulties faced by a mission hospital. The hospital wants a workshop on Bioethics.

HMW – CMC&H, Ludhiana followed the HMW. Daily devotions took place in the hospital Chapel.

Each section took up the charge and leads the morning devotion each day (10th to 16th February 2019) with songs and sermons. On the 17th HMW special Sunday took place at the college chapel where many CMAI members came and attended the service.



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