National Christian Medical Educators’ conference: Medical education as a calling

Witness to the Healing Ministry of Christ through excellence in Education


As CMC celebrates 100 years of Medical education, we rejoice in God’s faithfulness and the way He has guided us as an institution in various areas of service, research and education. We are aware of the challenges that medical education faces in our country and the need for teachers who will be role models. We believe that the Christian medical educators of India should respond to this by teaching through their lives the values of compassion and ethics along with excellence in knowledge and skills to provide care for the whole person.  Dr. Ida Scudder was clear that she was not building a medical college but the Kingdom of God. Many have been called to build God’s Kingdom in teaching institutions around the country, in various settings. The goal of this conference is to encourage them to see teaching as a calling from the Lord and to support them. It will focus on important topics such as teaching as a calling, teaching compassion, preventing burnout and teaching justice and equity. The sessions are planned to be very interactive to facilitate participants to learn from one another and also to network for future training opportunities.


Dates: January 18th and 19th, 2019

Venue: New Examination Hall, Bagayam, Christian Medical College, Vellore

Registration fees: Rs.1500

Contact: Dr Sunil Abraham . Phone 9843232793 email:


Limited accommodation is available in the campus on a shared basis.

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