Nurses League

70th National Conference for Nurses League 2018

70th National Conference for Nurses League 2018

Nurses League

The Nurses League of CMAI has been established more than 100 years ago to ensure Christian Nurses in the India strengthen the noble profession of Nursing and demonstrate care and compassion as part of the Healing Ministry. The Nurses League of CMAI, with over 6100 current members, focuses on building nurse leadership for the country through conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats and meetings reaching over 700 nurses annually.


  1. Encourage and promote spiritual fellowship
  2. Ensure highest standards in Nursing Education consistent with Christian Principles
  3. Promote quality Nursing Service in the total health care system
  4. Promote Nursing as a Christian vocation
  5. Establish relationship when necessary and be involved with National and International bodies/agencies


Open to all registered Christian nurses, auxiliary nurses, multipurpose health workers and midwives.

Number of membership as on June 2017: 6322

Executive Committee: 

  1. Ms. Manjula Deenam, Chairperson
  2. Ms Sangeeta Sane, Vice-Chairperson
  3. Dr Ajit Singh, President, CMAI
  4. Dr. Bimal Charles, General Secretary, CMAI
  5. Mrs. Jancy Johnson, Secretary, Nurses League
  6. Mrs. Helena R Joseph, Secretary BNESIB
  7. Ms Shimy Mathew, Secretary, MIBE
  8. Ms. G Pauline, Regional Sectional Secretary, AP
  9. Ms. Thankam, Regional Sectional Secretary, Karnataka
  10. Ms. Shiny Thomas, Regional Sectional Secretary, Kerala
  11. Ms. Premalata Prakash, Regional Sectional Secretary, North West
  12. Ms. Jyotsana Mayeedani, Regional Sectional Secretary, Odisha
  13. Ms. Amelia Christmas, Co-opted, Bihar & Jharkhand
  14. Ms. Ophelia Mary Kharmujai, Co-opted, North East
  15. Ms. Mariamma Joseph, Co-opted, West Bengal
  16. TNAI, Co-opted
Capacity Enhancements

Workshops and Seminars

Upcoming Events

70th National Conference of Nurses League 

  • Dates: 22 – 24 October 2018
  • CMC Vellore, Tamilnadu

For more details click here – Brochure


Leadership Course for Nurses/Ward Manager-(2nd Batch)

  • Dates:20th Aug to 19th Nov 2018
  • CMAI, New Delhi

For more details click here – Brochure


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