1. Providing a forum for dialogue and debate on faith and ethics in Christian medical work.
  2. Promoting a sense of Christian calling to the profession.
  3. To support and strengthen structures promoting health as a social justice issue


Open to all Christian men and women doctors and dentists holding qualifications approved by the Medical Council of India or the Dental Council of India or equivalent bodies overseas.

Number of members as on June 2017: 1258

Executive Committee:

  1. Dr. B Wesley, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Nitin Joseph, Vice Chairperson
  3. Dr. Ajit Singh, President, CMAI Ex-Officio
  4. Dr. Bimal Charles, General Secretary, CMAI Ex-Officio
  5. Dr. Abhijeet Sangma, Secretary, Doctors Section
  6. Dr. Ashish Chauhan, Regional Sectional Secretary, AP
  7. Dr. Manjula Tudu, Regional Sectional Secretary, Bihar & Jharkhand
  8. Dr. John Abraham, Regional Sectional Secretary, Kerala
  9. Dr. Nirmal K Tudu, North East Region
  10. Dr. Neha Sonali Massey, Regional Sectional Secretary, UP & Uttarakhand
  11. To be elected- Regional Sectional Secretary, West Bengal
  12. Dr. Philemon B Pawar, Member representing 4 areas of CMAI -1(West)
  13. Dr. J Jayant, Member representing 4 areas of CMAI -2(South)
  14. Dr. Rajeev Joy Nathan, Member representing 4 areas of CMAI -3(North)
  15. Dr. M K Nanda, Member representing 4 areas of CMAI -4 (East)
  16. Dr. Sheila Peter
  17. Dr Deepak Kamle, Invitee – Coordinator CAMS
  18. Dr. Ragini Macaden, Doctors Section Representative to CEB
Capacity Enhancement



The Christian Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) offers a multidisciplinary three year postgraduate residency programme in family practice affiliated to the MD, family medicine programme of the Tribhuvan University of Nepal. This programme is being conducted by the teaching faculties of Christian Medical College, Vellore, Miraj Medical Centre and Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. Eleven medium size rural mission hospitals of repute serve as field training centres. The Fellowship of the Christian Academy of Medical Sciences (FCAMS) is conferred during a convocation held along with an annual/biennial conference.


Workshops, seminars conferences, consultations on topics related to contemporary issues, hospital management and medical updates. Focus recently has been on Rational Drug Use, Palliative Care, Strategic Planning and Family Life Education.

Upcoming Events