1. To enable and equip the churches in India in their healing ministry
  2. To promote fellowship, knowledge and skills in pastoral counseling to hospital chaplains and pastors.
  3. To provide theological, spiritual and ethical inputs on issues.
  4. To liaise with institutions and churches; to develop vision and goals for Health, Healing and Wholeness.
  5. To nurture health professional students in government, private and Christian institutions.
  6. To publish bible studies, posters and other materials for the Healing Ministry Week.


All Christians who have an interest in the healing ministry or has a minimum training in Theology or holding a position of Chaplain or as specified by the chaplain section.

Number of members as on January 2018: 757

Executives Committee:

  1. Fr. Dr. George Varughese, Chairperson
  2. Rev. T. Devadoss, Vice Chaiperson
  3. Rev. T Augustine
  4. Rev. Dr. Ezeckiel Shanthakumar
  5. Rev. Percy K V Hirams
  6. Ms. Somini Shaji
  7. Rev. J D David Rajan
  8. Rev. Jared Issac
  9. Rev. Ashish Kumar Dukhi
  10. Rev. Paul Ravi Kumar
  11. Rev. Dr. T Arul Dhas – CEB
Capacity Enhancement


  1. Three week comprehensive training programme for ministry to the sick and suffering.
  2. One year post graduate Diploma in Pastoral Healing Ministry affiliated to the Senate of Serampore.

Diploma in Pastoral Healing Ministry: In the context of stress and strain experienced by persons, families and communities following rapid social change and consequent collapse of support systems in the Indian society, the Senate of Serampore College offers the Diploma in Clinical Pastoral counseling to the Church so that those among its ranks, lay and ordained, may be equipped to participate effectively in the healing ministry of the church through theologically and psychologically sound training in counseling.

Clinical: The word ‘Clinical’ in the title of this diploma proramme highlights the intention to equip the trainees to offer formal and systematic counseling service to the general public in an institutional setting. The setting may be that of a parish, counseling centre, hospital, educational institution or social work programme. Clinical does not exclusively refer to the hospital setting.

Objectives: The objectives of the Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling are:

  • To provide an understanding of healing and wholeness from a Christian perspective;
  • To provide an awareness of and sensitivity to the various areas of need for healing;
  • To provide with disciplinary approach in dealing with issues in healing
  • To impart skills in Pastoral care and Counselling
  • To enable the development of attitudes and sensitivity to relate oneself in depth to those in need;
  • To develop and enhance the inner strength and potential capabilities required for personal growth
  • To help recognize and utilize the spiritual resources
  • To help understand Biblical vision of the church as the healing community and thereby enter creatively into the healing ministry of the church.
  • In all these, emphasize the centrality of Christ while being sensitive to the religious plurality and spiritual traditions of India.

 Prior to admission a candidate should have:

  • Passed the B.Th/B.D. Degree of Serampore College or its recognized equivalent (academic)
  • Completed 3 years in pastoral ministry (professional)
  • Passed the Entrance test and interview conducted by the Institution approved by the Senate (aptitude)


A person who holds a Bachelor Degree of a University and had completed at least three years of work experience or involvement in some form of lay ministry of the church as determined by the admitting institution and subject to passing the aptitude test as under 1(c)

Other Requirements
The candidate shall be in residence during the entire study period and shall not accept any other responsibility other than those assigned by the centre. The institution or persons directly responsible or appointed to supervise may require a candidate to be in attendance any time during the practical training.

Registration for the Course: A candidate who fulfills the admission requirement should register for the course by 15th June each year through the institution. Late registration will be accepted till 31st June subject to payment of late fee.

The length of the Diploma Course is one full academic year (11 months) commencing from 15th June and ending with 15th May of the following year.

The maximum time allowed to complete the Diploma is two years and subject to recommendation by the admitting institution.

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