Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professional section is a forum association for all allied health professionals who are working in health care centers. Broadly, there are about 60 disciplines. CMAI motivates and encourages these individuals through training courses, conferences and workshops.

Overall Objective
To empower Allied Health Professionals with the spirit of Christian service and to encourage active participation in building a just and healthy society.

Functions of the Section

      • Spiritual Nurture and Fellowship
      • Training Programmes
      • Students Nurture Programme
      • Membership Scholarship
      • Institutional Visit
      • Consultancy Services
      • Publications


All Christian Allied Health Professionals who hold qualifications recognised by CMAI’s Central Education Board.

Number of members as of November 2017: 1043

Executive Committee:

  1. Mr. Soundararajan, Chairperson
  2. Mr. Samuel Sudesh, Vice Chairperson
  3. Dr. Ajit Singh, President CMAI
  4. Dr. Bimal Charles, General Secretary CMAI
  5. Mr. Lyric Abraham, Secretary, AHP CMAI
  6. Ms. B. Christina Johnson, Regional Sectional Secretary- Andhra Pradesh
  7. Mr. S. Kannan, Regional Sectional Secretary, Bihar & Jharkhand
  8. Mr. Kersome , Regional Sectional Secretary, Karnataka
  9. Mr. Nilesh Mecwan, Regional Sectional Secretary, Gujarat & Rajasthan
  10. Mr Ashish Patro Regional Sectional Secretary, Orissa
  11. Ms. Idauraile Regional Sectional Secretary, North East
  12. Mr. Rajesh Sahu , Regional Sectional Secretary West Bengal
  13. Mr M. Packiaraj, Co-opted Member
  14. Mr. Sadgun Parmar , Co-opted Member
  15. Mr. T.G. Abraham, Co-opted Member
  16. Mr. Vinu Thomas , Co-opted Member

Capacity Enhancement

The AHP section is conscious of the responsibility to nurture leadership. As pioneers of Allied Health Sciences in the country with an intensive thrust towards training; the need to mould young talents to take leadership roles cannot be over emphasized. Around 400 allied health professionals are trained each year through our professional’s courses. An equally impressive number attend our many training programmes, workshops and scientific sessions, which are tailored in keeping with our commitment to serve and keep pace with the new inventions that take place in the growing science of medical technology.

CMAI is keen to support member institutions to develop by providing consultancy services, human resource development and technical guidance apart from helping to start new training programmes.

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