16th National Conference for Administrators 2018

16th National Conference for Administrators 2018

Workshop on Costing of Health Care Services, Bangalore

Workshop on Costing of Health Care Services, Bangalore

31th Management Workshop, Administrators Section

31th Management Workshop, Administrators Section



  1. To encourage and promote Christian fellowship among hospital/health administrators
  2. To ensure high standards of management in hospital/health care services
  3. To develop knowledge and skills through formal and non formal education programmes


  • Open to all Christians in managerial or supervisory positions in health care services.
  • Members of other Sections who are at executive or supervisory levels can be associate members.
  • Student membership is open for students of recognised health and hospital administration courses.

Number of members as on June 2017: 630

Executive committee

  1. Dr. Samuel N.J David, Chairperson
  2. Mr. Peniel Malakar, Vice Chairperson
  3. Dr.  Ajit Singh, President CMAI
  4. Dr. Bimal Charles, General Secretary, CMAI
  5. Ms. Elsy John, Secretary, Administrators Section
  6. Mr. Issac oommen, Regional Sectional Secretary, North East
  7. Maj. Gurnam Masih, Regional Sectional Secretary, North west
  8. Mr. Anto Ramesh Delvi D, Regional Sectional Secretary, Karnataka
  9. Mr. Vikas Sonwani, Regional Sectional Secretary,MP & Chhattisgarh
  10. Mr. Nitin Piarejee, Regional Sectional Secretary, Maharashtra & Goa
  11. Mr. Dinesh Murmu, Regional Sectional Secretary, Bihar & Jharkhand
  12. Mr. Barnabas Massey, Regional Sectional Secretary, UP & Uttarakhand
  13. Mr. Sanjay Prasad, Co-opted
  14. Mr. Aby Ittyavira, C0-opted
  15. Mr. a Samuel, Co-opted
Capacity Enhancements

Regional Meeting

Andhra & Telangana Regional Conference-24 June 2017

Kerala Regional Conference-22 July 2017

Upcoming Events


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Duration: 2 DAYS

Date :10th & 11th August 2018

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Ms Elsy John
Coordinator, Administrators Section
Christian Medical Association of India (Bangalore)
HVS Court, 3rd Floor, Cunningham Road
Bangalore – 560 052
Mobile: 09741336277
Phone: 080-2220 5464, 2220 5837,Fax: 080-2220 5826


I. Continuing Education Programmes in Hospital Administration:

Health professionals and health care institutions are increasingly subject to regulations, litigation and court cases. This course will equip them to take the necessary steps to meet regulatory requirements, prevent and protect themselves from unnecessary litigation and to seek appropriate and timely guidance.

Resource persons:
Professional experts with wide experience in hospital administration and law, headed by Mr
Samuel Abraham, Sr. Law Officer, Christian Medical College, Vellore, have prepared the reading materials for this course.

Course content:

  • Basic structure of judiciary in India and its functions
  • Civil & criminal law and its applications
  • Contract Law and Consumer Protection Act and its applications
  • Various legal issues in hospital administration and possible solutions
  • Medical laws and its applications in hospital administration
  • Labour laws and its applications in hospital administration

Who can apply:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Administrators
  • Medical Record Officers
  • Other Allied Health Professionals
  • A graduate of any recognized university

II. A two week annual workshop on hospital and health services management.

Health care service is one of the fastest growing sectors in our country and is expected to double in the next 3 years. Management of Hospitals and related services is an increasingly difficult task with the advancement of technology, consumer awareness and high expectations of patients, resources, whether of capable staff, building and equipment or money- all need careful management. The maintenance of Christian ethics and standards in every aspect of management has perhaps, never been more important that at the present. This workshop is an opportunity for health care professionals to gain new skills and improve existing abilities, all within a Christian perspective. Our previous workshops have been well attended by participants – from within our country and overseas as well. So far we have conducted 27 workshops and next workshop is going to be conducted at Delhi in the month of March 2015.

1. To impart knowledge of modern management concepts
2. To enhance the leadership and managerial skills
3. To improve skills in areas such as:

  • Planning & organizing
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Time management and delegation
  • Team work

4. To increase knowledge of specialized areas of management including:

  • Governance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Standards in Health Care
  • Legal Matters in Hospital Administration
  • Information Technology in Hospitals

5. To enjoy a time of fellowship and to receive God’s blessing as we learn from each other and share our experiences

For Whom:
The workshop is for those (doctors, nurses, administrators and allied health professionals) holding senior or middle management positions in hospitals or health care services. Participants must come prepared for serious study and full participation throughout the period. There will be an emphasis on group-based learning and the sharing of experiences. Certificates, notes and handouts will be provided.

Workshop coverage:

  • Health Care Systems and the Role of Hospital
  • Principles and Practices of Management in Health Care Settings
  • Managerial Soft Skill
  • Financial Management in Health Care
  • Facility Management
  • Management of Support Services
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Legal Aspects of Hospitals
  • Strategic Management
  • Quality in Health Care Services
  • Hospital visits

III. Short-term workshops on issues like legal, finance, etc.

Hospital administrators are increasingly finding difficult to understand the various types of litigations in respect of hospital administration i.e., from employees, patients, public, etc. Even though they are well versed in administration and management techniques they are not used to prepare letters, documents in the defense of their organization to be filed by their legal practitioner before a Court. Litigations in different category pending before different judicial forums require different types of preparation, drafting and filing. Only if the hospital administrators furnish full particulars and documents to the legal practitioner, the case may be well contested and end-result will be favourable to the hospital. To give orientation as to how to encounter these problems on the above topic for health professionals/healthcare institutions, this one-day workshop would be most beneficial to the participants.

For whom:
CEOs, Medical Directors/ Superintendents, Nursing: Director/Superintendents, Administrators/ Managers, HODs/ Faculty, HR Managers/ Supervisors, Healthcare Management students.

Provide consultancy services in hospital and health management. Undertake evaluations of hospitals and programmes. This consultation aims to provide quality concepts, perspectives, tools and techniques in providing the quality care. The resource persons are well known for their academic excellence and experience in the field.