CMAI is a membership organization bringing Christian healthcare professionals involved in health, healing and wholeness in a common platform.

Our members are active in widely diverse areas, promoting health and social justice in India. They have initiated new programmes and made significant contributions to academics, health, development and other relevant issues through a Christian perspective.

Our members have shared their wealth of experience, their resources, and ideas at various levels. They have encouraged and supported one another through this unique fellowship to have a positive impact on the health of the community and the country at large.

We provide two forms of membership:

1. Individual membership

CMAI is committed to holistic care of the human body, mind and spirit. Our individual members, therefore, are those who work in the fulfilling ministry of healing and sharing the love of God, regardless of their setting, geographical location or specialization.

Our individual members are largely doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators and chaplains. They work in Government Institutions, the Church, Mission Institutions, Voluntary Agencies, NGO’s and others. We have members working both in India and overseas.
Individual membership is open to all Christians, who have professional training as below and are involved in health care.

There are five membership sections:

  • Doctors: All Christian men and women doctors including dentists holding qualifications approved by the Medical Council of India or the Dental Council of India or equivalent bodies overseas.
  • Nurses: All registered Christian nurses, auxiliary nurses, multipurpose health workers and midwives.
  • Allied Health Professionals: All Christian Allied Health Professionals who hold qualifications recognized by CMAI’s Central Education Board (CEB).
  • Administrators: All Christian professionals in managerial or supervisory roles in hospitals or other health care services.
  • Chaplains: All Christian workers in the Healing Ministry, who have a minimum of one year basic theological training including pastoral counseling, or hospital chaplaincy, or any theologian holding a part time or full time post of chaplain in a hospital.

In addition there are:

  • Associate members: This is applicable to Christians who do not come under any of the above sections, but have an acceptable professional qualification and are associated with the existing health institutions.
  • Student members: This membership is applicable to students in various health professional courses.


2. Institutional Membership

Our member institutions include Christian hospitals, health centers and community programmes. Of these, a substantial number are located in remote and backward areas, taking care of some of the most impoverished and marginalized groups. Some of these institutions have been active for over a century now.

Our membership institutions also include premier teaching institutions like the Christian Medical Colleges at Vellore and Ludhiana.

Currently, we have over 330 institutional members with us.

List of Institutions

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CMAI Membership Tariff (updated as on 31st  July 2019)