Legal cell – functioning of legal cell-legal advice & action – intimation – reg.


All CEO/M.S/Director/Administrator,
All member institutions,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub:    Legal cell – functioning of legal cell-legal advice & action – intimation – reg.

The Board of Management of CMAI has decided to start a Legal Cell at the national level for the following functions:

  • to cater and represent the need of the institutional-members for specific legal case/issue.
  • to clarify and explain any particular legal issue which cannot be understood correctly by the member-Institutions or their officers.
  • to intervene and offer immediate legal advice by phone/email at the time of emergency especially in consumer, civil and criminal cases.`
  • to advise about appeal provisions for member-institutions in case they fail to get favorable orders in a lower level judicial forum.

In pursuance of the request by many member institutions, this facility has been arranged. A senior advocate/legal consultant along with a panel of lawyers having rich experience in law and who has written many books/articles in the subject has consented to offer his advice and expertise.

A minimum subscription cost  for this service is fixed.

Any individual member, member institution interested to know more about the scheme and the services included, may contact:

Mrs. Elsy John
Secretary, Administrator’s Section
Christian Medical Association of India
HVS Court, 3rd Floor
21, Cunningham Road
BANGALORE – 560 052
Phone: 09741336277
With regards,

I would therefore, request all members to take the opportunity to utilize and be benefited by the legal cell.

Dr. Bimal Charles
General Secretary





































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