Healing Ministry

The healing ministry of Jesus Christ is holistic in nature; its spiritual, physical, emotional and social healing. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the source of every healing from the beginning till now. In India, the Healing Ministry formally began in 1905 by a group of missionaries called Medical Missionary Association of India (MMAI) and in 1926 it was renamed as Christian Medical Association of India.

Today CMAI has gone from strength to strength by contributing to the different health care needs of our country. CMAI members have done pioneering work in several areas like Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. The goal of CMAI is to serve churches in India by assisting in its ministry of healing to build a just and a healthy society in response to the love and command of Christ.

Theme for Healing Ministry 2019: “Who Touched Me?” (Luke 8:44-46)

To all respected Bishops, Pastors, CEOs of Institutions and all members of CMAI!

Dear Partners in the Lord’s Healing Ministry,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ!

God’s grace is sufficient enough to gives us another chance to celebrate the “Healing Ministry Week and Sunday” for 2019. We hope the theme, “Who Touched Me?” from Luke 8:44-46 will inspire people who are going through tough time. May the Spirit of God inspire us to experience the healing touch of God in our ministry and reach out to others in need.

Please mark your calendar to plan for these dates: From 10th to 17th February, 2019. To thank God for the healing ministry, 13th February will be set apart as a special day of prayer and the Healing Ministry Sunday will be on 10th February. In case you miss that Sunday, you can celebrate on the following Sunday on 17th February or on any Sundays of the year. CMAI is celebrating the Healing Ministry Week along with the National Council of Churches in India, Catholic Health Association of India and the Commission for Healthcare Apostolate of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India. This broad partnership has enabled many congregation to celebrate the Healing Ministry Week.

It is important to know that, as a Church, we can be a source of strength to those who are experiencing pain and struggles. Many people have bumped and brushed against Jesus but  he always senses a different kind of touch – the touch of faith – when someone reaches out in faith. Thus it is our prayer that the congregation will join hands to make our service known and acknowledge God as the source of every healing through faith. As the Lord leads, you may send your contribution to CMAI during the Healing Ministry Sunday and  I take this opportunity to thank everyone  for the encouragement and support.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sunita Noronha, Fr. Dr. George Varughese, Dr. Nitin Joseph, Rev. Dr. Israel David A , Dr. Mrs. Vasantha Thomas, Rev. Dr. Shiju Mathew and Ms. Imtimenla Aier for their inspired thoughts for this devotional book.

Please let us know how we could be of help to you. We are also keen to know how you celebrated the occasion and your feedback will strengthen our partnership.

With all good wishes and prayers,

Dr. Bimal Charles

General Secretary , CMAI

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