Healing Ministry


The healing ministry of Jesus Christ is holistic in nature; its spiritual, physical, emotional and social healing. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the source of every healing from the beginning till now. In India, the Healing Ministry formally began in 1905 by a group of missionaries called Medical Missionary Association (MMA) and in 1926 it was renamed as Christian Medical Association of India.

Today CMAI has gone from strength to strength by contributing to the different health care needs of our country. CMAI members have done pioneering work in several areas like Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. The goal of CMAI is to serve churches in India by assisting in its ministry of healing to build a just and a healthy society in response to the love and command of Christ.

Theme for Healing Ministry 2020: “Let us Consider…” Hebrews 10 : 24-25

To all respected Bishops, Pastors, CEOs of Institutions and all members of CMAI!

Dear Partners in the Lord’s Healing Ministry,

Greetings to you all in the name of Greatest Healer!

The month of February is synonymous with the healing ministry celebration. While we may feel that this one Sunday or one week is enough to feel good about ourselves as we serve in various capacities and contribute to the Healing Ministry, it is a reminder of the sovereignty of the God we serve.

The Church and its affiliated institutions began the work in health, healing and wholeness over ten decades ago. The work is His, we are His labourers His work will continue as long as there is a heart that is willing and a faith that is unshakeable.  The commitment and hard work of the legends that have built the Christian foundation in healthcare in our country has been acknowledged by leading health policy and decision makers in the world. They were recognized as having pioneered many interventions among the vulnerable and marginalized sections of society and bringing about palpable changes with compassionate care. The trust that they have garnered has provided the strong foundation on which our healing ministry continues to grow.

As we remind ourselves of the service to our sovereign God, let us take time to consider. Consider Him. Consider our neighbor. Consider ourselves. Consider our calling. Consider every blessing. Consider every experience. Consider today.

Normally, we observe the Healing Ministry Week in February second week every year. A few churches have requested flexibility to reschedule it in any other week of the year since they have other traditional commitments. We fully go with this arrangement and please inform us your convenient dates in advance so that we can be of assistance you.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to each contributor to the healing ministry Bible studies. Dr. Joyce Ponnaiah, Dr. Sara Bhattacharji, Rev. Jared James, Mr. Samson Varghese, Rev. Giftus Joshua, Rev. Rainard Pearson, Rev. Dr. Arul Dhas,  Ms. Imtimenla Aier. CMAI is very grateful for your time and effort.

May every word bless those who read and hear it and may this celebration open our eyes and heart to His calling for each one of us.

With all good wishes and prayers

Dr Priya John

General Secretary, CMAI

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