HCF South Asia conference from 4th – 8th October 2017


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“ They will make war against the LAMB, but the LAMB will overcome them because He is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS – and with Him will be His called , chosen , faithful followers. (disciples)” Rev 17 v 14

Shalom in Jesus Name ! This letter is to warmly and earnestly ask you to come and be part of this special HCF South Asian conference. Also  please begin to pray for this conference and the follow up , so that after the conference  we will experience and see  a decade of God’s deep working in the healthfields of South Asia and the world. This letter comes  with a brochure of the conference and an email link to register for the conference .You can do it online very easily through the link via email. Dr Rajan has kindly done this for us. Please do try to register early.

Dates of conference : October 4 th 2pm to Oct 8th 2pm,  2017. The theme , venue and other details are on the brochure. Also in the brochure  we have outlined the  C’s that we are hoping the Lord will do as an initial outcome of the conference.

The reason I am writing this,  is to explain briefly what the vision behind this gathering is and how we were led to go ahead. For the last two years or so the Lord has been deeply speaking to me through the life of Josiah. I have often felt the sting of failure , my own sinful shortcomings and felt deeply downhearted. But in my heart has been a yearning that we will  give ourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord , turn to the Lord and see a new thing in HCF South  Asia.

Josiah who as a boy king began to seek the Lord,  was firstly challenged by “ The Book “. This was probably a copy of the book of Deuteronomy. Then he responded from His heart with deep humility and mourning. Then he instituted tremendous and radical reforms. Then in the same 18th year of his reign , the very year that he began the reform , he called for a great celebration of the Passover. And the Bible has this to say about Josiah and the Passover that he celebrated with all Israel.

“ Before him there was no king like him, who turned to the Lord with all his heart, with all his soul and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses, nor did any like him arise after him. “ 2 Kings 23 verse 25.

“ For no such Passover had been kept since the days of the Judges who judged Israel, or during all the days of the Kings of Israel or of the Kings of Judah . “ 2 Kings 23 verse 22.

This is the kind of gathering we hope and dream and envision having. Also though it is a South Asian conference we desire and pray that there will be a representation from all the HCF regions globally. So please do plan to come and join us at this gathering. If you cant come , then please do pray for this gathering and support this in everyway possible. PLEASE PRAY FOR US .  We so desperately need strength , faith courage, wisdom, purity of heart , skill , perseverance ,  love and vision. We want to begin with our lives and our South Asian fellowships and by God’s grace ,  institute radical reforms that are sorely needed. HCF Srilanka began this process in 2015 with a solemn assembly. The Lord has graciously brought significant and deeply encouraging change in the year that has followed. So in the ten  months  to go before the conference let us with zeal and courage follow the example of Josiah, Joshua, Jehu, Jehoshaphat , Jeremiah  John the Baptist and JESUS in returning to the Lord and in instituting reform and renewal.

The programme is to be like the great solemn assemblies in Scripture and in the form of a  celebration, concentration on the Book, worship , commitment and covenanting with each other and above all with God.  It  will have a series of  talks on the theme, the Lamb of God , Jesus, the  cross and being faithful witnesses unto death . Also we plan to have 12 to 15 stories ( 10 to 15 minutes each ) of many unsung heroes in the healthfields in different areas of the world and in different areas of healthcare. We want to celebrate this but also use these stories to challenge us and  we plan to pray for such stories to be multiplied. We also plan times of intercession based on the new strategy of HCF International. In the evenings too we plan a series relating to the kingdom advancing in healthcare. Afternoons are free to share and pray with one another or to rest. The programme is still being worked on. We plan a closing communion service and are praying that we would experience the Lord’s presence in a deep and real way and the fruit will be like the Moravian Pentecost in 1726. The venue is beautiful.

We tried to look for Christian centres that could manage 300 which would have been cheaper but found this difficult. So we had to decide on having it at a hotel where we had the 2003 conference. They have given a very reduced rate but it is still high for South Asians. We will later need to get  help for at least partial sponsorship for some delegates.

Looking forward to hearing from you. We know that many of you are in work situations where you need to plan your leave early. So we do hope we are not too late in informing you .

With love in Christ

Arul Anketell
Regional Promoter
HCFI South Asia. hcfsasia@gmail.com Whatsapp and viber personal +94776905177

For details please click the link given below:

HCFSA Conference 2017 Flyer 2

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