Christian Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)


The Christian Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) is the central academics board of CMAI which is responsible for selection of candidates, organization and running of course, accreditation of training centers and faculty and for assessment of trainees.

The Key service for Strategic Analysis:

CAMS is a body of CMAI with responsibility for developing educational and training programmes in various health and medical fields with special reference to doctors.

Key Functions of CAMS

Key Functions of CAMS:

  1. To plan, develop, organize, supervise, run smoothly and evaluate the ongoing post graduate training programmes for CMAI.
  2. To be authorized to certify and award the Diploma/Fellowship.
  3. It can appoint sub committees for its functioning e.g.; selection, course programme, accreditation committee etc. if and when necessary.
  4. It prepares its own budget for approval and support from CMAI and works with authorized budget.
  5. It can develop its own rules, regulations and procedure for the course.
  6. To do such other activities as necessary for the successful running of educational and training programmes planned.
Courses Offered

Courses Offered:

General Practice multispecialty Postgraduate Programme leading to Fellow of Christian Academy of Medical Sciences (FCAMS) & MD (GP) Tribhuvan University.

Skill based Short Courses

  • GI Endoscopy
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Ultrasonography
  • Critical Care
  • Anesthesia
Operational Structure

Operational Structure:

The CAMS is headed by the Course Coordinator who is also the Secretary cum Registrar and is supported by an Academic Board consisting of Ex-officios’ from the CAMS Faculty Institutions and other members from the CMAI network as nominated by CMAI Board and a Chairperson is nominated from among themselves.

Salient features

  • Wide network of CMAI Member Hospitals
  • Wide range of trainings
  • Support and contribution from premier Medical institutions like CMC Vellore, Ludhiana in term of Resource Centres
  • Dedicated and professional group of healthcare professionals as members of the CAMS Academic Board.
  • Emphasis on appropriate attitude, practical skills, leadership building and social relevance
  • Innovative and well-integrated medical curriculum.
  • Affiliate training hospitals with large and diverse patient population
  • Widely recognised by CMAI member institutions
  • Lower Training fees
  • Non-profit motive