Board of Nursing Education, South India Branch (BNESIB)

The Board was formally constituted on 24th May 1913. The Indian Nursing Council has recognized the Board of Nursing Education NL CMAI (South India Branch) for issuing the qualification for the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), Post Basic Diploma (PBD) in speciality nursing for 10 specialities and 6 months Midwifery course.

The Board has 15 GNM Schools, 6 ANM Schools, 6 PBD Schools, 9 CGHC Schools and 2 schools with 6 month Midwifery course in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

The Board strives to maintain highest level of quality, transparency, accountability and integrity. While maintaining the statutory requirements at the affiliated institutions, it goes beyond by putting into placed procedures and systems. The Board ensures that the latest developments in the medical field, emerging diseases have been incorporated in the curriculum to equip the nurses to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Aim: To prepare professional nurses and other related health care personnel for service in the spirit of Christ.
  2. Objectives:
    • To provide a high standard of Nursing Education and Nursing practice, consistent with Christian Principles.
    • To prepare nurses for participating effectively in the national health care delivery programmme.
    • To co-operate with all related education programme conducted by the CMAI
    • To provide scope for innovation and elevation of nursing education by research and experiments.
Functions of the Board

Functions of  the Board

  1. To co-ordinate and bring to a uniform standard of Nursing Education in South India under the Board, in accordance with the requirements of the State Nurses and Midwives Councils and the Indian Nursing Council.
  2. To interpret to the Schools of the regulations of the Indian Nursing Council and State Nurses and Midwives Councils.
  3. To prescribe the entrance requirements the syllabi and the rules for the courses and examinations.
  4. To determine the number of students to be admitted in each school according to facilities available.
  5. To arrange for and conduct examinations and issue Diploma certificates to successful candidates.
  6. To arrange for inspections of the Schools of Nursing and related areas of learning experience.
  7. To encourage writing and publishing of text books and relevant literature.
  8. To maintain and enhance the educational standards of Schools of Nursing by arranging continuing education programmes such as workshops, refresher courses, etc.
Activities of the Board

Activities of the Board

  1. EXAMINATIONS: The BNESIB examinations are conducted in the month of August and February/March (supplementary). The questions are set as per the blue print or table of specifications based Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational objectives. The questions are both subjective and objective type.
  2. CONDUCTING WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES: The Board conducts workshops and conferences to maintain and enhance the educational standards of schools of Nursing.
  3. INSPECTIONS: Inspections of these schools include initial, regular, re-inspection and surprise visits to institutions.
  4. CONTRIBUTIONS TO INDIAN NURSING COUNCIL AND STATE COUNCILS: Faculty from Board affiliated institutions assists the SNC and INC in conducting institutional inspections. Board members continue to be co-authors of book published by the Council, and also serve in various committees in the State/National level.
  5. BOOKS OF THE BOARD: The books are written by experts in the field, with special attention to the Indian context, our books are geared to meet the expectations of nurses who will practice in a rapidly changing environment in the field of health.
  6. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT SERVICES: The Board provides quality improvement service based on the request from schools and hospitals based on the observations made by the team sent by the board necessary changes and modifications are recommended. The Board also periodically assess for the outcome.
  7. STUDENT NURTURE PROGRAMME: Board members always believe in constantly surpassing the ever growing expectations and satisfaction of their prized possession – THE STUDENTS. To be able to make a difference, to stand all midst adversities and to transform the lives of many through quality education and service is their challenge and commitment. Thus emerged “Student Nurture Programme” to nurture communications, cooperation, problem solving skills leading to the betterment of the students.
Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships:

  1. MS.CHERIAN MEMORIAL ACADEMIC AWARD: Achievements are always appreciated and rewarded. Late Ms. Cherian former Chairman of BNESIB and Nursing Advisor to Government of India was a highly qualified and courageous professional. This award was introduced when she was alive and later the Board has named as “Ms. Cherian Memorial Academic Award”. Cash award and certificates are given to the GNM & ANM students who score highest marks in the annual BNESIB examinations.
  2. GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE MEDAL: A cash award, certificate and medal is awarded to the GNM & ANM students who score highest marks in the annual BNESIB examinations.
  3. MS. NEUDOERFFER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Ms. T.K. Neudoerffer was the first full time Secretary of BNESIB from the year 1969 and continued till 1976. Her vision to impart quality education, leadership development, dissemination of information has motivated the Board to formulate Ms. Neudoerffer Memorial Scholarship. Economically underprivileged students receive this scholarship amount annually.

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