FIREFLY – New Book Just Released

Author: Elizabeth Mathew

Firefly is a small creature that is short-lived. It produces a “soothing light” which though may not be effective in a well-lit place, but in a darker place, its light is felt, is visible and important.

This book – Firefly – is an ode written by a mother in memory of her dear son who reached the eternal abode abruptly at the age of 25. She narrates her memories of him, compiled his poems, and posted the tributes of those who were touched by his very presence on earth. This book will uplift many-a-soul to understand and accept the sovereignty of the Almighty God.

Dr. Shane Sam Mathew’s life was like that of a firefly. He spread his light wherever he was placed. He went to Africa as a medical missionary to make a difference and his small light counted much there. But tragically, in September 2017, he passed away in a fire that engulfed the staff quarters.

In a short span of life in this world, one can impact a large number of people, if lived well. And the mother says with satisfaction, “It is well, it is well, with my soul.” It is a must-read for all, especially for those who go through struggles in this world and find meaning in suffering while clinging on to their faith. It is inspiring and prophetic.

Life is unpredictable and we are not here forever. So if we understand this fact and surrender to His will, the purpose of our lives will be served.


Mrs. Elizabeth Mathew is currently the Administrative Manager of Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), New Delhi. She is also a Sunday school teacher. Dr. Shane Sam Mathew was her first born and only son. The devastating experience of suddenly losing her young, God-fearing and gifted son that too far away from her in a foreign land made her re-think about her faith, priorities and the purpose of her life. Despite all the sorrows, she is trying to draw God’s strength and grace and still believes that God is great and His ways are awesome. She is living with the hope that death is only a temporary separation and one day, she will meet her son in eternity.


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